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It’s so surreal ❤

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Can you come even more close to me?
I am unsure of the real you;
I am drawn by the imaginary you in me.
I am unsure of the care you show;
I am drawn by my beautiful assumptions.
I am unsure if we really exists;
I am drawn by the perfect ‘Us’ which eat my thoughts.

Can you go away from me?
I am spoiled with your madness.

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Come along
We will refrain from the world
And redefine who we are
Into the ocean
Of emotions
I will hold you together
Oh Dear
Afraid not to get there

Tricky ways you fooled
How did I even allowed
You to explore
Deep down my soul
When all you ever wanted
Was to hold
A perfect beauty
That gets old

Oh Dear
The one unaware of the soul
Your love is just a taste of the sour!