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Warm Play

She dream of Paradise ❤

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Loop (w)hole

I am kind of obsessed with my possessions, my people, my belongings to an extent that I do not want others to know and celebrate my favorites. But then when you are so proud of them, you need the world to awe them with jealousy. And here goes my on the loop playlist that consumes most part of my day. I am being thrifty having to consider various factors while designing this, as I blindly approve every work of some of my very dear artists(ARR, Ed, Lana to be precise) in the list out of unconditional love.

Naan Varuven, Naane Varugiren, Hamma, Avalum Naanum, Azhage Sugama, Vellai Pookal, Aaromale by ARR (Tamizh)

Unnakena Maele Nindrai, Sundari by Ilayaraja (Tamizh)

Eleanor Rigby, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Martha My Dear by The Beetles

Suspecious Minds, Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis

Always by Bon Jovi

Firefly, Give me Love, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Madness, Aftermath, Unintended by Muse

Without you, Dark Paradise, Maha Maha by Lana Del

You Rock My World, Dangerous, Bad, Whatever Happens by MJ

Fix You, Magic by Coldplay

Truely Madley Deeply, Irresistable by One Direction

Distance, Lonely, Human by Christina Perri

Stone Cold, Without The Love by Demi Lovato

Depressed, Her Song by Eminem

Come and get it, Who Says by Selena

Little Me, Good Enough by Little Mix

Sugar, Maps by Maroon5

Our Song, Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor

1000 Times, Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Here by Alessia Cara

Ghosts, Lying To The Mirror by Aplin

Interlude by London Grammer

And the list and my heart as well will go on and on 😊

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Somewhere You Belonged

When I was teared up into pieces, when I had doubts about myself, when I was ignored, when I was helpless, when I was a lone survivor with no one left beside and whenever I wanted a hugsy, you were there through your music. You do not know how typical of a life saver you were at many critical scenarios of my life. If it had not been with your “Shadow of the Day” or “Numb” or “Leave Out All The Rest”, when I was on the verge of giving up on me, on my life, I doubt the existence of the path I strived to lay ahead of me. You were our strength, our hope. You gave us our life. And you should have known that you own our endless love. It hurts when those hands that wiped out tears of unbelievably many unwitnessed humans, were helpless when it needed the most. It shakes the base of the belief you have cultivated on our minds.

Though it is too late to care, remember that you have got us many reasons for you to be missed. May you find peace in another life.

R.I.P Chester, you will live through us and we will fight the world together, as always.

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest

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Battle up with “The Beatles”

It was like a replication of what was lying above her, on the sky, on a full moon day. Just as the lonely moon was trying hard to hide under the blanket of dark sky, she was trying hard to calm down and dive in to sleep along with the rest of the world. It was very calm such that one could not differentiate if it was the heart or the clock that was ticking and accompanying the silence. Yet she could not sleep. She remained awake, disturbed, unaware of what was dragging her down.

And there came her powerful weapon, the instant soothing reliever, the music to the rescue. And in particular when it is The Beatles, the battle becomes less worrying.

The soul was pulled out and danced to the melody of “While my guitar gently weeps“. Could there even be a better consoling element than what that master piece could offer? As the song precedes, she was able to connect it to the point where it stirred up her inner daemons and calmed them down.

The song voiced out on her behalf-
“You dint make a mistake by loving them. You gave chances no one ever wanted to risk. It was them who could not renown what was offered to them. You gave it because you know the importance of not having it”, the love that is shattered, unreciprocated cried out throughout the melody. It hugged her, danced with her and loved her back. She wished the song could take the form of people to healthily worry and spread all of the wasted care, affection. Only if the world knew kindness is not that taboo factor to be nullified. She was finally happy realizing that she is exhaling the purest intentions and it was a sound sleep, aftermath.

I look at you all, see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love

As I’m sitting here doing nothing but aging
Still my guitar gently weeps

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Loveless Love

People don’t execute Love, they are just carried away by the flirty feeling out of it. Real love should be sacrificial, understanding, caring, priceless, an inseparable bonding as a whole. But people find it as an attractive asset to be possessed for namesake rather than figuring it as an affectionate ocean to be crossed together that gets deeper with time. It do posses all the roller coaster emotions, on top of everything being the magical magnetic bond that keeps the hearts together anytime, every time.

The love that exists these days is loveless!

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Tired. Exhausted. Confused.
The usual daemons played inside his mind. He came in with his dull, nullified smiling face. ‘Too much of work?’, she was worried. He gave her his trade mark crooked smile saying ‘Not anymore’, as he offered to hold her in his arms. One could witness the purest aroma of affection. They exchanged lovely glimpses. ‘Honey, do you love me? Do I make you happy’, asked him as she rested on his chest. She heightened to reach to his face and kisses his forehead saying, ‘You know what, I never knew that happiness, a mere sense, could actually take a shape and sacrifice whatever it has just to induce the very real smile on my face. It is you, the only person in the whole universe I cannot stop thinking about. Because I carry the majority of you with me, thanks for that righteous thing you have given me. In turn, you carry every bits and pieces of me with you. That is why it hurts when you do not take care of yourself. My happiness is within you, its you. I could never stand your face without a smile. I promise that I will risk in whatever way I can to see my idiot smiling’.

‘Wait, so what does it mean? Do you love me or not?!’, he made a sarcastic remark. ‘This is why I love my weirdo the most’, she gave him a mocking slap on his face. ‘So you love the weirdo not me, so bad!’.

They went on and on with their piggyback meaningless conversations keeping that night alive, also every other night as it became their mandatory hobby.