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Some old tunes❤️

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Only Exception

“When you’re in the joint, you spend all your time doping out who you’re gonna see the first day you’re out. The second day. The third. But then you get out, everybody’s got a different face than you remember. Maybe you do too. You pray for one face which didn’t change, one face which still knows you and looks at you in the same way”

-Carlito’s Way

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I drove back in time to that place
Where the weeping willows
And the murmuring meadows
Veiled in denial and regret;
Where the constellation contorted
And the significant stars
Leaped into the ocean;
I tiptoed to that place again
In search for the calming meadows
In search for the lost stars..
As this Hiraeth unfolded
To redefine the Closure.